Reviewers are falling for OLD DOG, OLD TRICK!

✯✯✯✯✯ – FIVE STARS! “Many of you know by now that when I’m reading, emotions rule. And dammit, this 14k gave them a run…The emotional anguish presented had my heart in my mouth…

Oh, you may need a shower after, too.

Some prompts for a successful read are relatable main characters, conflict, believable scenario. I could go on.  This story delivers.” Freya, Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

Readers love DIE FOR YOU!

“A. Sangrey Black takes a few short pages and builds a delicious romance in Die For You… has everything you could want – hot heroes, action and danger, and love and romance. A. Sangrey Black blends them perfectly in this short story” Elise, from Sensual Reads

“This short was set in an interesting world, where the paranormal are the everyday and special police forces enforce the law…If you’re looking for a vampire story set in a different world, it’s an enjoyable quick read…”Tam, from Brief Encounters


4.33 on Goodreads!

“My rating, 5/5…I was also surprised by the story itself, it was fast-paced, the characters were intriguing and intense and when you start to read this book, you won’t be able to stop. Page Turner: Yes!” ~ Proserpine Craving Books

“~Team Adam all the way~” Tee loves Kyle Jacobsen

“Holy. Cow. If Wishes Were Shadows holds no punches, literally, from the very beginning. It’s a hard and fast vampire BDSM story that, as much as it wigged me out, I honestly couldn’t tear my eyes away from it if I’d tried.” ~ Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup

“If Wishes Were Shadows was very well written. I mean A. Sangrey Black knows how to write a good story. She puts everything out there on the table for you…” Nancy, The Avid Reader

“Black can write some steaming hot scenes that had me fanning myself with my e-reader. The depth of the emotion and lust swirling through the smoke is enough to give you third degree burns! Well done!” ARe Cafe

“Almost a little too much fun for the train in spots, but that’s what vampire BDSM should be, yeah? I say, if the excerpt piques your interest you probably won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t want it to end)” Author Charley Descoteaux

“Ms. Black pens “If Wishes Were Shadows” in an exciting plot that is fast paced and hot. Her characters were intense and interesting which made it hard to put the book down. A fast read that will get your blood boiling.” Susan on Goodreads


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