About A. Sangrey Black

Sangrey is the alternate personality of “straight” paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy writer H.A. Fowler. She likes keeping her “brands” separate — it gives her permission to go wild in genres that encourage it, like BDSM; plus write stories about unconventional love. LGBT stories, trios (such a relief from TRIANGLES!), vampires, and crazy darkness, without making her readers figure out which is which.

A perk is that she gets to explore lifestyles that don’t even exist in her reality (not nearby, anyway… that she knows of), write stories about them, and share them with others who are curious about or just enjoy those genres.

In “real” life, Sangrey is a freelance writer for survival money, and continues to write fiction to satisfy the voices in her head. She’s obsessed with the unknown and pleasing her very spoiled cat.


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