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This week I’m sharing a bit from my NEW RELEASE, OLD DOG, OLD TRICK!


He could have gotten the news online, could have answered calls or emails. Could have done a hundred things stirring around in the pot of his early morning each day for a change in routine. Instead he chose that thin rag of a paper as he sipped his coffee, flipped it open, and got a punch in the gut from the lead story on the front page, like a freight train to the sternum. If his life had been a romantic comedy, he would have spit hot coffee everywhere: International Surf Hero Makes Good.

Not an unusual headline to see on the cover of the OT—the town was lousy with “surf heroes,” champions, mavericks, cowboys, and every other kind of fool who put their life on the line to put their bones on the board. The shore was lined with dozens of beach bum domiciles, from cardboard shacks to mansions, and from just before sunrise to sunset, the water was packed with everything from kids on boogie boards to pros getting ready for the next tour.

It was the picture that vice-gripped Lam’s balls—and his heart—and wouldn’t let go. For a minute—okay, maybe a few—he couldn’t quite catch his breath. Christ, after trying so hard to take care of himself, was he going to drop dead reading a newspaper article?

Granted, it was about…him…


OldDogOldTrick_200 (1)

What if the one who got away came back?

Successful attorney Lam Porter is gut-punched by the past when he sees his first and only love in the local paper. Twenty years before, their intense relationship came to a painful end when lives took wildly different paths. Now, it seems that lost love might get a second chance. If only Lam’s brave enough to take it.

Dale Jarvis once loved only three things: his mother, surfing, and Lam. But he was young and short-sighted. All he saw was a chance to escape the waves of Rhode Island’s Ruggles and surf the world. When he retired, the call of those cold Atlantic waves drew him home again, to the love he left behind.

Can two men who lost their way find each other once more?



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