Exquisite Quills Wash Line Monday! #MondayBlogs #AuthorRT #Romance #mmromance


“Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Viking to Regency to Steampunk and every era we write in, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing.”

Here’s a bit about my heroes from OLD DOG, OLD TRICK, coming soon from MLR Press:

OldDogOldTrick_200 (1)


“Yeah, that’s right! You’re the big, proper man in the city now. Damn. I can’t even imagine. You toned it down for tonight, I see.”

Lam glanced down at his outfit: the oldest jeans he could find and a ratty Grateful Dead t-shirt, the sneakers he wore to the gym every day—way too clean to fool anyone. He literally had nothing else in his wardrobe anymore that would pass as casual in a place like this. His usual clothes would have made him look like a Fed in this crowd. Half the patrons were barely dressed at all, guys shirtless, women in tiny bikinis. He was half-tempted to kick off his shoes and go barefoot. But then, he was a lot more concerned about getting Hepatitis or Tetanus than looking cool.

The joy of getting old, he supposed. Paranoia.

“Tried to.”

“You were never good at pulling that stick out of your ass. Unless we were in bed,” Dale teased, blue eyes twinkling with mischief, reminding Lam that for years, he’d been convinced Dale was the modern manifestation of Pan or Loki, walking the beach and spreading joyful trouble to all who crossed his path.



What if the one who got away came back?

Successful attorney Lam Porter is gut-punched by the past when he sees his first and only love in the local paper. 20 years before, their intense relationship came to a painful end when it became obvious that their lives were taking wildly different paths. Now, it seems that lost love might get a second chance. If only he’s brave enough to take it.

Dale Jarvis once loved only three things: his mother, surfing, and Lam. But he was young and short-sighted, like so many young men his age. All he saw was a chance to escape the waves of Rhode Island’s Ruggles and surf the world. When he retired, the call of those cold Atlantic waves drew him home again, to the love he left behind.

Can two men who lost their way find each other once more?

Stay Tuned for OLD DOG, OLD TRICK tentatively scheduled for August 26, 2016!



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