Snippet Sunday: WINTER NIGHTSONG #WeWriWa #8Sunday


Hi all! It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve been putting the pedal to the metal to get my story, WAIT, finished for the MLR Press anthology to benefit the Orlando Massacre victims and their families. I turned it in yesterday, so I need to focus on WINTER NIGHTSONG before the submission is due Friday, July 1! (Only a week? ZOINKS!)


Anyway, we’ll return to the adventures of Mason (I had to rename him — I realized I already had a Devon in one of my other stories! LOL) and Kyle. When last we saw our potential future lovers, they were having a meet cute outside of Mason’s store when he saved Kyle from slipping on the ice.

When he returns from playing Knight, he must face the romantic obsession of his assistant, Mandy.


“You are such a liar. Did you get his number, at least?” Her brown eyes sparkled as brightly as the annoying red and green garland hairband with the reindeer antlers she wore. Even her hair was streaked green, red, and gold. It made him want to stuff her into a tree stand, stick a bulb in her mouth, and leave her that way. Although, knowing her obscene love of the holidays, she’d probably enjoy it.

“Why would I get his number?” He stepped behind the counter, loaded the day’s receipts into the bank deposit bag, and locked it. “I don’t date customers.”

“Ah hah! So you did like him! I saw that little rom-com moment, you know.”


Oh, Mandy, you’re wise beyond Mason’s refusal to see what’s right before his eyes…

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See you next time!



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