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Make sure to check out my interview with the awesome Alicia Dean! Learn a little more about the upcoming OLD DOG, OLD TRICK, inspiration, writing habits, how I respond to criticism, and more!

An A. Sangrey Black Short

Finally finished the second draft of my Orlando charity story, “Wait.” It definitely needs another pass, but I’m pretty pleased with it. I hope that my readers will support the anthology when it comes out next month, as all proceeds will go to Equality Florida’s fund for the victims and families of the Pulse Shooting.These stories center around themes of love and hope, because love really does conquer all.


“Wait” is a story of love in the face of fear and loss, and what survives in the aftermath of tragedy.

Now it’s back to work for the submission targeted for June 30, WINTER’S NIGHTSONG!

I’m still in the market for beta readers/first readers — I need to recruit new eyes to take a look at my WIP’s! Also, if you enjoy my work, please check out the Bloodthirsty Muses Street Team. It’s in infancy right now, but I’m hoping it will grow as time passes. I would really appreciate everyone’s input and assistance! There WILL be tangible rewards in the future besides my unending thanks! 🙂




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