Snippet Sunday: WINTER NIGHTSONG #WeWriWa #8Sunday


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This week I’ll share a bit from the first draft of my current WIP, which started out called “Bachelor Scrooge,” but now I’ve tentatively titled “Winter Nightsong.”



Kyle led him up the block, where a metallic teal Mini Cooper was parallel parked. Devon scowled again, not sure if the box would even fit in that ridiculous matchbox of a car. Kyle popped the trunk with a button on his keychain, and Devon was surprised to find a fairly roomy trunk. He eased the packages inside, and turned back to the customer.

“There you go. Thanks for shopping at Devon’s Decor. Have a happy holiday.”

“Oh, I can’t thank you enough for all of your he–”

The kid stuck out a hand to shake, unbalancing himself on the ice. In what seemed like slow motion, Devon watched him fall, inch by inch, toward what would no doubt be serious injury on the hard ground. It was instinct to dig the gripping sole of his boots in, and shoot his arms out to catch him.

The motion brought the men face-to-face, Kyle braced in Devon’s arms as though they had been dancing, and Devon had stopped to dip his partner.

Kyle gave a shaky chuckle, his hands gripping Devon’s upper arms. “Heh. Meet cute!”


They’re so adorable. Now that Kyle and Devon have had their Meet Cute, will it develop further from there? Or will Devon just send the unwelcome stranger on his way?

Stay tuned!




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