Branding & Growth Course: Step 3

Sorry I’m so behind, folks. I discovered that I’ve gotten so manic with my activities online, that I haven’t been doing things like laundry, or, I don’t know… WRITING?

So I’ve been scrambling to catch up, and I’m going to procrastinate a bit more on my freelance and fiction projects in progress, and do a day of this!

My goals are going pretty well so far!

  1. I started with 11 followers. I gained 3 followers between the 17th and the 18th (14 followers). Since then (today’s the 21st) I now have 17 followers! A net gain since I started of 6 followers! Awesome.

So, when I set my new goal of 30% more followers by August 18, the target number was 18. I’m only one follower away!

2. This is my fourth post this week! (not counting the excuse post.)

3. I posted my Weekend Writing Warriors yesterday, but I haven’t decided about other memes yet. I’m wasting a lot of time posting snippets on this and my other blog that could be better used actually writing! So, we’ll see.

Now for today’s lesson: Day Three – Get Read All Over!

We’ve checked out our brand and worked on design for our site — but what happens if someone is checking it out on a tablet. Or worse, a smartphone? Does your site work across platforms?

Well, part of the reason I chose this template and the leather header is so that it should work for most devices. A big problem with my other blog that I’ve had for years (home of my more “vanilla” work) is that it DOESN’T. I made that header graphic for that LONG before there was any concern about anything but PC’s. I haven’t even begun to address that site — there is so much material there it frightens me to even consider changing it.

But this baby is in great shape! LOL WordPress and other theme designers make what are called “responsive themes” — they’re flexible no matter who is viewing!

See you tomorrow!


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