Branding & Growth Course: Step 1

I’m actually taking WordPress’ advice on how to gain myself more readers to this blog, and hopefully to my work!

Today’s Task: Write Down Three Goals for Your Blog.

  1. Why do I blog? I like to talk about writing and sexy times in general. I love to meet like-minded people. Of course, I wan’t to showcase my writing, and meet readers as well.
  2. If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? How many followers would you have? How often would you post? What would your blog do for you? – My dream crowd would be at least in the hundreds, preferably more. I would shoot for at least twice/week, and my blog would help me increase sales of my book, as well as making money.


  1. Gain 20% new members in 3 months
  2. Publish 3/week through the next 3 months
  3. Establishing a NEW FEATURE on my blog 1/week.

The third one is actually going to be easy. I’ve been thinking about joining in on some already out there, and starting my own as well.

For example, there’s Weekend Writing Warriors, Also known as #8sunday. You sign up on Monday, then between noon Saturday and 9 am on Sunday, members post 8-10 sentence snippet of your writing. Then you look around at other Writing Warriors on the list and read, comment and critique on their offerings. This is a good way to make sure I get SOMETHING written!

So let’s start there, and move on to the next lesson tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “Branding & Growth Course: Step 1

    1. I’m so glad I found it! Usually I just ramble on in my blogs (no guarantee I’ll STOP) but at least this way I’m doing something constructive as well!

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