Welcome to the other side…

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. I’m A. Not like the one from “Pretty Little Liars,” but one who stands as an alter ego to a writer of “straight” fiction who’d like to branch out a bit  into more interesting territory now and then. It tends to be that readers who have gotten used to a writer’s brand — that is, what they usually write — expect to get the same general tone and story type whenever they buy that author’s work. A’s work doesn’t even go on the same shelves as that other writer’s stuff. Sometimes even the same bookstore.

A. exists for a new reader… or those older ones who want to try something different. She lets my darker side, my non-mainstream pen fly free and experiment with shadows and stories that I might shy away from with my usual name. It’s not a matter of shame, although I’m fairly certain more than a few of my family would drop dead if they read any of this new material. I embrace all the parts of myself, my sexuality both real and imaginary. But I think A. is a way to play a fun new character, who writes in wondrous new universes.

So if you’re brave, if you have a kink, or a bit of gore and scare are your thing, buy an A. Sangrey Black ticket and hang on for a wild, erotic ride!


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